50 Series Rotex Screener

50 Series Screener

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50 Series Rotex Screener

50 Series Screener


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Identifying your



Gear Head  Repair

Upon receiving your Gear Head we will perform the following...

VAT and Pressure Clean

Magnaflux and Inspect housing for cracks

MIC and check for Proper Clearances


Contact customer and provide cause of failure, quote for repair, and time frame for repair.

Replacement parts in stock!


Gear Head Parts

We have all Rotex compatible 20 40 50 70 and 80 parts in stock.

We stock Roball compatible 8 10 and 12 parts.


 Rotex 20 Gearbox

Rotex 20 Gearbox

Rotex 80 Gearbox

Rotex 80 Gearbox


Ask About Our Two Year Warranty

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