50 Series Rotex Screener
50 Series Screener

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50 Series Rotex Screener

50 Series Screener

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50 Series Screener

We are a machine shop specializing in
the repair/replacement of Rotex and
Roball (J. H. Day) Compatible Gear Heads, Screeners, and Pans.

We buy, sell, and refurbish Rotex
and Roball machinery.

If you are looking to purchase, repair, or
refurbish a machine you need to call us!
We can save you thousands of dollars!

We can build you a New Screener or Sifter
and save you $$$$!!!

Lower your down time and cut your
costs by coming straight to the source.
No middleman and we have the best
warranty on remanufactured replacement


Our Latest Screener Rebuild
Shipped Out August 3rd.
Click on the picture above to watch us
move and load it.

581 GP Rotex Compatible Screener
80 x 144
Shipped out 02/15/2009

581 GP Screener Video


421 Rotex Screener

Our Last 421 Screener Rebuild

See a Video of it Being Built and Running
Rotex 421 Video for High Bandwidth Only!

Rotex 421 Video for Low Bandwidth          

Some of our latest work

Click on Image for full size

Rotex 50 Series Belt Guard

50 Series Belt Guards

Model 431 Screener



Crankpin Bearing Assembly

Parts for 50 Series
Crankpin Bearing Assembly

Crankpin Cover

50 Series Crankpin Cover

Rotex 522 Screener

Our Last 522 Rebuild
60 x  144


Ask About Our Two Year Warranty

Best in the Business!!!



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